The Heart Of Mercy Manifesting In Your Life

Neil Vermillion —  May 29, 2015 —  Comments

I am extending my mercy to you. For anyone who is willing to accept it I am pouring out my mercy and my forgiveness in generous portions. For I see your struggle, and I see your failures, and I see your great need. I see how you treat yourself. I see how you treat others. So today I am extending my mercy to you. Allow yourself to receive my mercy.

For you still do not know my ways. My ways are gentle. My ways are kind. My ways will draw you closer to me. My ways will bring you to fruitfulness and abundance. My ways will give you such delight. My ways are so different than your ways. So allow me to teach you of my mercy, and allow yourself to be merciful. For I see your struggles and failures, and many times you are too hard with yourself. Many times you are too hard with your neighbor. So allow me to teach you of my great mercy. For I delight to show you the bounty of my mercy.

And as you learn to receive my mercy, you will be changed. Your heart will be softened, and compassion and understanding will be allowed to flourish. For your hard heart tends to stifle compassion in your zeal for justice. In your desire for righteousness you demand justice, and in doing so you neglect compassion. So it will be in my mercy I will train your hearts to experience greater compassion. And as you bathe yourself in my mercy, drink it in, soak it up, you will have greater understanding of who I am. And you will have greater understanding of your neighbor, who he is, who he is not, and how much I love your neighbor too.

For you easily lose sight of the collective, and become focused on yourself. You become focused on your own situation, your own plans, your own hurts, your own needs, your own goals. But I see you all, and I love you all. So allow me to broaden your perspective by accepting my mercy, and by extending my mercy towards others. For you have been forgiven much, and I’ve shown you great mercy already. So remember this in your dealings with others, and allow my heart of mercy and compassion to manifest through you into others. For I delight in showing mercy. And my mercy flowing through you to others, will also bring me such delight, and we will share together.

So allow yourself to erase your ledger, and allow yourself to extend mercy to one another. Receive my mercy for yourself, and extend that same mercy to each other, and so do generously. For as you do, you will come to know my heart in greater measure, and you will enjoy yourself as you continue to bring delight to me.

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