The Heat Of The Hot Oven

Neil Vermillion —  October 1, 2014 —  Comments

And there is so much coming to this Earth. There is so much shifting of the atmosphere in such dramatic ways. Some will not recognize it, but many, many people will see it. Even those who don’t know me will be able to clearly observe the obvious changes coming about in the heavens. For the spiritual climate is changing. It has been changing, and will continue to change, but the days soon coming will be remarkably different than recent days.

The times and this day are like an oven, and the heat of the day has increased. In order for the full effect to be possible, the oven will need to be at the right temperature. And in days past, the oven has been in the process of pre-heating. And yes, you have even sensed the shifting and heating up of situations around you. But know this, it’s going to get even hotter still.

For there are coming days you will not be able to fully comprehend the magnitude in which I am moving among my people. And the heat of this oven will be very hot, and nothing will be able to stand against it. There is no army, no idea, no doctrine, no lie, no institution made by man, there is nothing be able to topple my army that has been marinated in my presence and surrounded with my glory.

For the oven in these days will surely melt hearts, and will surely mature people, things, and circumstances rapidly. And to those with eyes who have been able to witness the past, this will be remarkable. But it will become so normal. For when the oven is functioning at its full capacity it will accomplish all its been assigned to accomplish.

And so, know this, I will surely have my way. I will surely reclaim the bride. I will surely collect the inheritance for my son. And in these days you will assist. You will help, and you will cooperate. So know, as you see the climate heating up, the oven is going to continue to get hotter and hotter, and you’ll be right there in the middle of it all, doing my work, according to my purposes.

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