The Life I Have For You

Neil Vermillion —  January 27, 2015 —  Comments

And in these days of preparation, understand much of your preparation will come through lean times. For I will remove all the supplemental goods that cause your weakness. I will strip you down and streamline the process so nothing unnecessary remains. So if your hearts, minds, and spirits are not prepared for this you could erroneously think I am against you. You could be led to believe I am punishing you.

But know and trust all these things being removed are not my punishment, but my preparation. All these things be stripped away from you are to reduce you to the bare essentials, so nothing unnecessary remains. And you will become lean. And you will become efficient. And you will become excellent. And as all these crutches and vices and devices you currently hold on to are exposed, then removed, you will be laid bare.

And from the place of being bare before me, we will rebuild, and we will work together to mend all the hurts that have been previously covered up. For you see, I already know and see all these hurts, all these things covered already. I know all about them. But in your place of comfort these things have been hidden from you. You have not seen them, nor perceived them. You have not dealt with them because you have not yet been forced to do so.

So I will bring you to this place of confronting these things. I will bring about the right circumstances to confront them, and I will remove all things covering them up this day. And while you may feel fearful about this, do not be afraid. For in this process you will come to a right knowledge and a right perspective of all I’ve placed within you. You will see yourself more rightly, more accurately. And you will walk in boldness and confidence knowing my plans for you, and knowing the future to which I have called you.

So in these days of preparation, understand there will be difficulty. There will be shaking. There will be things stripped from you, taken from you. But also know these things are all part of the process happening to refine you, and to help bring you to that place of efficiency and excellence. Don’t resist this process – embrace it. For in your death to the life you are living now, you will find the life I have for you.

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