The Loving Father You Need To Experience

Neil Vermillion —  February 19, 2015 —  Comments

For many of you I am speaking in riddles, though what I say you’ve heard before. And though you’ve heard it, you’ve not understood it. But know, the words I speak to you are spirit. They are not naturally or logically discerned. So while you spend your days trying to figure out my code, trying to map it all out, plan it all out, work it all out, know this will never happen apart from me.

For the plans I have for you will require you to walk by faith, though walking by faith is the very thing you want to avoid. So yes, I will bring you to places of direct confrontation. I will bring you to places in which you will be forced to choose which side of the fence you will be on. I will confront all these issues within your heart and within your mind.

For in so many ways you are so double-minded. In so many ways you are so quick to forget. In so many ways you are so quick to give up, so quick to abandon. And by confronting all these things within you I will be helping you, though you will not enjoy it, though you will not like it. I will be helping you by liberating you from all these wicked lies that are fully alive within your heart, influencing you to make poor decisions.

While it is my plan to liberate you from all these things, know you will have to cooperate. You will be required to participate voluntarily. For this is something I will not do against your will. I will not force you to obey. I will not force you to follow. I will not force you to seek me, know me, or love me. Though I am worthy of your greatest pursuit, I will not force you to seek me. So for all these things to happen, for the fulness of my plans for you, your participation and cooperation will be required.

And while you know this in your mind to be true, so many times your heart resists, and your heart does not believe. But do not worry, and do not fear. For my grace is available to you. I will help you overcome all your limits. I will help you overcome your weakness. I will assist you in ways you’ve not even thought of yet. I will be the Good Shepherd your heart cries out for, and I will demonstrate myself to you as the Loving Father you need to experience. For I see your weakness, and I see your limits, and I see your nakedness. I see what is not possible for you.

So don’t look to your limits as permanent. Don’t look to your circumstances as final. For I will move on your behalf and I will move mountains in order to accomplish all that needs to be completed. For those willing to follow and obey and love me with all their heart I will surely move mountains to assist, help, love, protect, and provide for them. I will not hesitate to show myself strong on your behalf, my Loved Ones.

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