The Message In The Mouths Of Many Messengers

Neil Vermillion —  March 27, 2015 —  Comments

Even today I am putting my message into the mouths of many messengers. So understand this is what I am doing in this season. In days past there had been a few. But in days soon coming there will be many. Many, many messengers will speak my words to all who have ears to hear. And I will provoke hearts, and I will draw men to come to the knowledge of me. For surely it is my desire that none would perish. And I am relentless, wanting to pursue to the very ends of the Earth those who’ve not yet known me, who’ve not yet said yes to me.

I will help you. I will give you the words to speak. And the fear that has held you back in the past will begin to melt away if you will take but even just steps. For in small arenas of obedience you will gain ground. You will take territory by small steps consistently.

Small obedience is powerful. So start where you are now, and know not only am I with you, but I will give you all you lack. I will give you what you need to carry my message to those who know me not.

And within you will grow new ideas, and new songs, and new methods, and new technologies. And also within you will grow new desires to manifest all these new things I will give you. For it will be like a flood of ideas coming to you both day and night. In the day, through your imagination, and in the night, through your dreams, I will release new ideas to you in great abundance. For it is imperative this message gets out. So anyone and everyone willing to carry my message will be equipped.

I will not discriminate. Rich or poor, young or old, male or female, educated or uneducated – it all makes no difference to me. For I desire to place my message in the mouths of as many as are willing to say yes to this call. For the day of Great Salvation is at hand, and my heart’s burning desire is to see none perish.

So I will go with you. I will give you the words to say. I will give you the boldness to act. I will give you the new ideas and methods to make yourself efficient and effective.

As the days of great shaking come, hearts will be ready. For surely the harvest is incredibly plentiful! But where are my laborers? Where are those willing to go and ransom those poor lost souls?

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