The Most Important Things In This Life

Neil Vermillion —  January 12, 2015 —  Comments

For here I am sitting, waiting. I stand outside the door of you heart knocking, asking to enter. And if you will open the door, the very private and personal door to the things which matter most to you, I will enter and we will share together in great fellowship.

For though you know me there is much of me you do not yet know. And though we’ve been acquainted there is much distance between us. And so as you open yourself to me, I will reveal myself to you. And the distance will shrink, and we will come closer and closer. And though this will seem foreign to you at first, there will be such great reward for you if you will engage with me consistently, and honestly.

For in the honesty many things will be brought to surface, and many things will come to the light. And in this place of honesty we will face all the hurts and struggles and obstacles and the things which matter most to you. For these are the very things I desire to help you with. These are the heavy burdens I desire to remove from you, so you can be free. For I see the weight you carry and the heaviness in which you live, and I desire to lighten your load.

And in this lightness you will find a new joy and a new way of life. For the things of this world will surely weigh you down if you let them. But as you come to me in honesty and fellowship I will surely feed you and sustain you. I will liberate you from your hurts, worries, and cares of this world. I will be there for you time and time again, day after day, one mistake after another. For my grace for you is also great, having no limits with which you could ever consume it all.

So enter with boldness, and open yourself up to me with confidence knowing I will not turn you away, I will not reject you. Come to me my Little Ones, and as you open the door of your heart we will share together the most important things in this life.

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