The Path Of Eternal Stability

Neil Vermillion —  November 7, 2014 —  Comments

For though you would desire to move through lessons quickly, it is my plan for you to go through lessons thoroughly. For though you desire to live in a place of stability, your idea of stability is very different than my idea of stability. For your idea of stability has more to do with your own comfort,than eternal stability. And so, understand, all these things are working to bring you to the place you truly desire, the place of destiny, the place of fulfillment, the place of real stability.

And though this is your heart’s desire, and is also my desire for you, your idea of fulfillment and your idea of stability are still so different than mine. So know, part of the process will teach you and transform you and help you to redefine what stability truly means. For I desire to truly refine your heart and mind and spirit. I desire to bring you to the place of unshakable stability, to bring you to the place in which you truly cannot be moved and will not be shaken.

But understand the path to this place is full of shaking. It’s full of everything most of you are trying to avoid. For it will be scary. It will be challenging. It will be painful. And at times, it will be very costly. And so to your natural mind this does not look like the right path for you. It does not seem as though this path of refinement will lead you to the place of stability.

So trust in me. When you cannot see the path, and when you do not understand the path, trust in me. Trust I will keep you and guide you. I will be there with you along the path. And though the challenges seem to swallow you alive, and it seems there is no hope, and no way to escape, trust I am with you still and am guiding through these things. For you would choose to go around these challenges, you would choose to avoid them, but I’ve chosen to take you through them. So trust me. Trust my leadership. Trust my plans for you.

For in your trust, you will encounter and overcome all the challenges in your life. And all the things in your life that need to be shaken, will truly be shaken. And all that will be left will be unshakeable. And over the course of time you will arrive in the place of true stability, the place your heart cries out for. And along the way, not only will you become more mature and reliable and unshakeable, but your knowledge and experience of me will increase as well.

For we will meet all these challenges together as we journey through your path to the place of real stability.

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