The Path Of Your Transformation

Neil Vermillion —  February 26, 2015 —  Comments

Do not fear the fire coming before you. For the fire of me will refine you and purge you of your impurities. And the fire sent to stop you will be quenched. So in both cases, in both kinds of fire, there is no need for alarm, there is no need for fear.

For the fire you’ve escaped from in the past will not harm you in the present, nor in the future. As you continue to learn of me, and allow me to transform you, nothing will by any means harm you. And though you have a certain perspective as to what “harm” means, know you will come out of it in spite of your limited perspective. All the fires sent to torment you will not have their way, they will not accomplish the purpose for which they had been sent.

And the fire before you that seems as though it will kill you, seems as though it will consume you, seems as though it will be the very death of you, remember these days, remember these words. For it will require the very most strength, the very most courage you have within you to face it. And it will take you to your limits, and beyond. It will push you past what you are able to bear. And you will be redefined through it all. You will be re-molded. You will be re-shaped. And in many ways you will no longer recognize yourself after you come through on the other side.

For this fire will be a transformative fire. It will burn you, and it will melt you, and it will cleanse you. And when you look back the pain and discomfort will seem to small, and will seem so brief, though you will not perceive it that way as you are experiencing it. It will seem never-ending. It will seem so intense you’re not able to bear it. But all this will only be temporary.

Trust in me, and trust in my process. I am not saying these things to frighten you, or to scare you, or to torment you, but to encourage you, to prepare you. For surely you will have trials and hardships in this life, but I will be there by your side to assist you. You are not alone. You are dearly loved.

And we will go through all these trials, all these fires, even the fires that seem as though they will kill you, together. And we will overcome them all. For you’ve been made victorious, and you’ve been made more than conquerors if you will remain in me.

So hold tight. Be strong. Do everything in love. And together we will walk the path of your transformation.

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