The Pressure Is Moving Forward

Neil Vermillion —  March 30, 2015 —  Comments

For this is a day and season of intense pressure. There is much happening and much shifting in the environment. There is much currently changing in the spirit realm. And these changes and these shiftings are resulting in much pressure for many of you. In many ways this is similar to the pangs of child birth. All this pressure is moving forward towards my end goals, towards my end plans. So be aware! Look sharp! For surely you have already entered into days of great struggle.

So continue to make yourself ready. Sit before me, and listen to me with all the time you can spare. For this is a very crucial and critical time in the here and now. As always, your time spent in prayer will be time well spent. For there are no real, lasting shortcuts. There is no way to circumvent my processes. There is no quick and easy way to develop your personal history with me.

As you continue to listen to me, I will speak to you and you will come to know me in greater ways. You will come to know me in greater, more personal detail. I will become less foreign to you, and will gradually become more and more familiar to you. And we will become so close, as you continue to remain faithful to tend the fire burning within you. We will be so close together. For surely I will draw myself near to anyone who will make the time to draw themself close to me. If you seek me with your whole heart, with all your might, surely you will find me.

For everything you desire to accomplish will require a very real price to be paid. It will require the process to run its due course. It will require this of everyone, being no respector of persons. And the thing you desire most will be knowledge and experience of me. Though you may not know this now, you may not believe it or be aware of it, I am, and will be, your greatest reward.

So understand, this process of sitting before me in prayer is necessary. For there is much confusion before you still. And it is my desire to remove all of this confusion from your mind. There is greater clarity I desire to bring forth within you. There is more I want to reveal to you, but it’s going to be birthed by a process. So understand this, for I desire for you to no longer walk in confusion, but walk in confidence and clarity. I desire to continue to show myself to you, to show you my plans, to reveal all that’s soon to happen, and why.

So as you seek me, and begin to know me more and more over the course of time, the confusion will diminish. The questions will no longer perplex you as they do today. Things will make more sense to you, and you will be secure and know you are safe. For these days of transition, and these days of great pressure, will not last forever.

Surely there is a new chapter in your book I am authoring. And though this season of transition has been a long time in the making, it has taken so long for it to manifest and appear, know it will mature quickly. It will be develop, take root, and bear fruit very, very quickly.

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