The Price Is Small In Comparison To The Reward

Neil Vermillion —  March 18, 2015 —  Comments

For in the days soon coming you will look to all sides and not find your answer. Those who are carnally minded will not be able to make sense of it all. Those who are surprised by the suddenness of the events of the day will not be able discern how to properly respond. For you see I will reveal events and reveal information needed to be able to align yourself properly. For those who have ears, they will hear and understand and will not be surprised.

For just as in the days of Noah, so it will be when my son returns. And so many will have no idea he is coming. So many will have no idea how to interpret all the signs set before their eyes. So many will be so confused about the events pointing to his return. As a result, they will not make themselves ready, but will continue with their lives in the simple routines of their daily rituals. When this flood comes back to the Earth, it will take many by surprise, and they will not see it coming, and they will have no idea they were sorely unprepared.

So I’m encouraging you today, to learn of me so I may train you. Learn of me so I may prepare you. For surely the work before you is vast, and the desire of my heart that all would come to the marriage supper is also quite vast. So allow me to prepare you. For in these days, the work will be great. It will be terribly difficult, but it will be terribly glorious. You will not be disappointed with the rewards and fulfillment you will receive for the sacrifice required of you.

For the idols before your heart now will dull you, and continue to keep you complacent. But there is a fire within you I desire to ignite. There is a greater passion, a great, roaring, river just waiting to be unleashed. And surely you were made for this kind of great conquest, this kind of great adventure. These are the things your heart seeks. These are the plans and the paths I have in store for you.

Put away your childish idols. Forget about the path of comfort and safety. For these are illusions. These are deceptions. These are sent to hinder and delay you. But walk by faith, and listen to my spirit. And together, we will ride the heights your heart cries for. You will become the explorer, the pioneer, the adventurer, knowing no obstacle you cannot overcome. You will walk in freedom and fulfillment, though it will be a costly path.

But the price required of you is small in comparison to your reward. The greatness set within you will become mature, and all the vision planted by me lying deep within your heart, mind, and spirit, will make sense of it all. For there are pieces to this puzzle still hidden. And likewise, there are pieces to this puzzle you must discard. For not every vision before your eyes has been given you from me. Not all your plans are righteous. Not all your goals and desires are righteous.

But do not worry, fret, or fear, for I will give you all the tools you need to make it. I will give you the training, the experience, the relationships, and the knowledge to be well-equipped for all the work set before you. So be free, my children. Pursue all I put before you with all your passion, with all your strength, with all your resources, holding nothing back, for great will be your reward.

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