The Process Of Transformation

Neil Vermillion —  May 8, 2015 —  Comments

As you continue to know me more and more, you will continue to be changed. And by my presence your life will be transformed. Your sorrow from yesterday will fade away. Your hurts and disappointments from yesterday will decrease, and your joy and hope for your future will grow. Little by little, day by day, your joy will increase.

For as you know me better it will change your world. It will change your paradigm. It will change the way you see everything. My reality to you will solidify your identity and you will be more stable in all aspects of your life. Your confidence in me will cause your fears and doubts to shrink, and eventually you will learn to forget them. You will grow in confidence and you will be stable, not wavering back and forth any longer.

And you will know and trust me more and more as time goes by. And as you do, you will receive more keys to insights to open locked doors, and move past your hindrances. For in your knowing me, you will allow me to guide you. And in my guidance you will find the path, you will see the way, you will walk over the mountains, over the obstacles.

For this is a time of growing in your knowledge of me. It is a time of learning of me, and beginning to walk in more and more success as you continue to follow the path I’ve laid out for you. And as you continue the path, the work required to continue will refine you. It will shape you and mold you into that vessel of honor, pure in motive, no longer double-minded, no longer weak and feeble. For this time is hard for you. It is a new time, but it is also a time of adding to what you’ve already done. It is a time of expanding and widening the foundation laid and to build upon it and increase it.

And though you may see yourself as small, and see yourself as incapable, know I have called you. I have assigned this to you. This is not your doing, but mine. So in spite of any difficulties, know I am with you in all things, and I will guide you to the path already laid out for you, the path of your transformation.

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