The Requirement Of A Flexible Heart And Mind

Neil Vermillion —  September 29, 2014 —  Comments

For many of the things breaking forth will be truly brand new. They will not look like things of old. They will not be familiar. They will not be like anything you’ve seen me do before. If you’re not careful you will miss it. You will miss that it truly is me doing this. And it will be easy to be deceived, by the god of this age. The spirit of this age will be so reasonable, so convenient, so practical it will seem to be so real. But those who have taken the time to know me, to love me, to obey and follow me will be able to discern the difference.

And so know as new things break out, and new technologies and new ways of doing things begin to present themselves to you, it will require you to abandon mindsets and paradigms held from the past. It will require you to forget about your preconceived ideas of who I am, and how I will do things.

And all this will be contrasted against the spirit of this age. And one of the key strategies of this spirit will be it’s so-called wisdom. For it’s ways will seem to be reasonable. It’s plans will be clear and very practical. It will be presented from the very highest of the high, and the very smartest of the smart. And it will be common, it will be everywhere. And it will be so prevalent many will drink from this fountain not even considering it could be poison. For the spirit of this age will surely do her part to seduce, deceive and distract as many as it can. And many will cooperate, and many will be deceived.

So understand all these things. Know the times in which you are living, and be prepared. For the things I am doing will look completely different. And though the spirit of this age will be so popular, and be so prevalent, I will still be speaking clearly to my people.

And the sheep who know my voice will listen. The sheep who know my voice will not follow the voice of another. But I’m calling out to you today to prepare your heart and to prepare your minds to be flexible. For the new things I’m soon to do will not look anything like you think they will. The new things I’m soon to do will not look like things of the past. There will be no precedent for them, so it will require you to be very open, very flexible in your heart and minds in order not to miss it.

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