The Time To Expel All That Is Offensive To Me

Neil Vermillion —  January 2, 2015 —  Comments

So listen closely, and do not resist as you begin to see the changing of the guard. For there is much change in leadership in the days ahead. Do not think you’ve missed it when you see your great and powerful idols fall to the wayside, to be remembered no more. Do not put your hope in the wisdom of men. For I will directly confront these institutions and they will crumble and fall. And many will remain no more.

For there is a changing of the guard in my house. And there is a changing of the guard in my government. For it is a time to reject all I’ve not established and all I’ve not ordained. It is a time to expel the works of man, and time to expel the heart of Babylon, and time to expel all that is foul and offensive to me, though it looks and smells pleasing to you and is all too familiar to you.

For in your heart you are short-sighted. You’ve sought after that which could be bought with silver and gold. Though I pleaded with you to get what could not be bought with money, you chose to pursue these shallow things, these cheap idols. And though I pleaded with you to reject this wickedness, you chose an unrighteous king to sit on my throne.

So understand, this will be done swiftly. This will be done quickly. This will be done and in the twinkling of an eye, the new will replace the old, will replace the institutions of this world, even those that can be found in my house, and among my people.

For it is a time to make great corrections and a time to bring real truth forward for the age soon to come. So do not be alarmed as you see many things fall. Don’t be surprised as you see many things destroyed as I continue shake all things. Do not be alarmed as you see many people fall. Do not be surprised, my Dearly Beloved. For surely these things will happen as I come to clean house.

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