The Water Of My Spirit Will Refresh You

Neil Vermillion —  March 19, 2015 —  Comments

And as you sit before me in the mornings, seek me with your heart and mind, not compromising, I will speak you clearly. For I see the desire within your heart to know me better. I see the plans you have, and your desire to walk in righteousness. And surely I will guide you. Surely I will assist you. Surely I will show myself as your loving father, to all my children who will seek me.

For all the questions you have, all the doubt you have, all the fear you have, will not block or diminish my love for you. Nothing will separate you from my love. And as you come away with me you will lose your hold on the things before your eyes now, the things that weigh you down, the things that confuse you, that hinder your love for me. And in my presence I will comfort you. I will speak to you kindly and gently. You will know me, and I will reveal myself to you.

So don’t delay. Don’t fear. Don’t allow the concerns of this life to make excuses to not drink from my stream. For the water of my spirit will refresh you. The water I have for you will quench your thirst time and time again. So as you feel weary and tired, come away with me, and drink from me. For I have mercy for you. I have kindness for you. I will be compassionate and gentle with you.

I will nurture you and show you how trustworthy I really am. And you will grow in trust, and you will grow in knowledge, and you will grow in security and confidence. And while you want to climb the tops of the mountains, you must discern when to climb and when to rest. So do not avoid the times of rest, for they are key. They will help propel you safely. They will serve you, if you will allow them to.

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