#DailyProphetic There Are Many Things Being Revealed

Neil Vermillion —  March 3, 2014 —  Comments

In this day and season be aware I am stirring up the gifts I’ve placed within you. Do not be surprised at the new abilities you are sensing and the new desires you are feeling. For surely I am moving to equip you. I am moving celebrate the goodness I’ve place within you, and even the goodness I’ve hidden deep within you – so deep you didn’t even realize it was there.

For there is a great mystery yet to be revealed to you. There is still much you do not know. There are many plans not yet known or revealed. So trust as I am revealing and releasing new gifts and talents upon you, know I am moving to equip you. I am not distracting you. I am not going to confuse you. I am not going to lead you down the wrong path. But as you continue to say yes to me, to surrender to me, and to submit yourself to my processes, surely I will guide you into the path of your destiny and the path of your fulfillment in me.

For surely you have entered into a Spring season, when the seeds are now beginning to sprout. You are beginning to let your hidden roots begin to mature and show the worth, and to reveal the good plans hidden deep within you. Continue to say yes to this sprouting, and continue to be faithful in your farming and nurturing of these simple sprouts. Do not despise the days of small beginnings, but simply acknowledge and understand and cooperate and be faithful in the all the things, even the little things I am placing before you this day.

For there are many things being revealed. Many things coming out of the shadows in order to be made ready, and to help you to be made aware. This is a time for you to blossom, a time for you to expand, explore and enjoy. It’s a time to begin to exercise and to wield the sword with excellence.

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