There Is No Time To Waste

Neil Vermillion —  May 1, 2015 —  Comments

For these are days of rapid movement. These are days to execute plans I’ve given you. And the days of preparation will be soon ending, for the time of implementing my plans is surely upon you. And there will always be more to learn. There will always be things that can be improved. Don’t allow any lack to hinder you from starting to move in the direction I’ve called you to walk. Move in faith, and start where you are, with what you have.

For my spirit is yearning, and my heart is calling. But who will answer the call? Who will respond to the yearning of my heart? Who will remain faithful? Who will activate the call I’ve placed deep within them and cooperate with my plans?

It will require much. To remain faithful will require all you have. It will require you to abandon many things. Who will follow and obey? Who will even listen?

But I know my Remnant. And I know my Dear Ones. And they will answer the call. They will follow, and respond, and obey, though it cost them everything. For I’ve put my spirit within them, and I’ve put my vision before there eyes. And surely they will not lack any good thing, for I will equip them to accomplish all I’ve set before them.

Move out! Move in boldness. Move in faith, believing. Move according the purposes I’ve placed within you. Move according to the plans I’ve given you. For the days of rapid acceleration have already begun. There’s no time to waste!

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