Things Of Your Childhood Will No Longer Satisfy

Neil Vermillion —  December 3, 2014 —  Comments

So as you grow in maturity, and grow in your capacity to surrender your will over to me, you will also grow in your effectiveness to cooperate with my spirit. And the desire within your hearts to work together to make a real, lasting difference will become satisfied while it simultaneously becomes frustrated. You will be both frustrated and satisfied at the same time.

For you will experience gratification as you submit and surrender and as we cooperate together. But also, as you taste of small things a desire and appetite for greater things will also become alive and will also become active. And here is where the frustration will lie. For this desire will continue to grow day after day. And it will compel you to move in love. It will compel you to reside in love. It will compel you to sell all you have, and buy the field which has the pearl of great price.

And as you make progress in this direction, your heart will become alive to the distance still yet before you, and you will become motivated and inspired to press forward, though you’ve already taken much ground and have already advanced forward greatly.

For the work ahead of you is vast. And as you acquire skills, and acquire experience you will desire to be used in greater measures time and time again. For the things of your childhood will no longer satisfy you as you grow and mature. Surely this desire will inspire you to realms of greater sacrifice as well as realms of greater rewards. And you will not love your lives so much as to continue to shrink back from fear of death, but in all things, you will walk and reside in love – love that has conquered death, conquered the grave.

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