Those With Wisdom Will Make Themselves Ready

Neil Vermillion —  September 16, 2014 —  Comments

There will surely be difficult times yet ahead of you. As I move upon the Earth to prepare hearts and prepare circumstances, many will find themselves in very difficult circumstances. But do not fear the shaking or the sifting, for all these things must happen. So dig deep, prepare fully, and trust and know these difficult times will surely come, but they are just the birth pains. They are just the beginning. These siftings are for preparation for the real events coming. They are but a harbinger.

But know you are not alone. Know you are going through all these things with others. Know also, I am with you still. I am here to guide you, to assist you, to govern you in the tasks and trials that will surely come knocking on your door. For in these days, the sifting will shake all things that can be shaken. And while many of you would rather simply hide and wait for it to pass, as if this were a storm, know it will come knocking on your door, ready or not.

So as I’ve said many times in the past, those with wisdom will make themselves ready. For these shakings will come and find you, they will be upon you whether you are looking for them or not. Whether you are ready for them or not they are coming, and they will come swiftly and quickly before you know it. This is the very reason why I am sounding the alarm now, so you will have time to prepare, and will not be caught unprepared, and will not be caught unwarned.

Instead I am calling you now to the place of safety. The place of safety is close by my side. But this place of safety will require things of you, and these requirements will not feel familiar to you. In fact it will seem so completely foreign many of you will not finish the course, though it would save you. The itching ears of this generation will be prone to return to the ways of comfort and to follow the spirit of this age.

The place of safety will be just as you know to be true, just as it has already been written in my word. The place of safety will protect you, though it will be costly. Though all these things will be shaken, and the price high, the reward and the pay-off will also be great as well. For there is great adventure, great spoils, great satisfaction for those in this generation who will surrender to the call placed upon their life.

For those willing to die to themselves and submit themselves to the plans laid before them, they will surely drink of the cup of my reward. And the process of shaking, though it seems scary, will be effective. It will accomplish all the things I have purposed for it to accomplish.

And your minds will be in awe and amazement as these events unfold and circumstances work to create and release pressure strategically. And those with eyes will see my hand. And those with ears will hear my voice. For I will be speaking ever-so-clearly through these events. The message will be clear. There will be no question what it is happening to those who have taken the time to learn my voice. For there will be no mystery to those who know me by my spirit.

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