Though You Are Tired Do Not Become Weary

Neil Vermillion —  January 13, 2015 —  Comments

For in this day I am doing a new thing. And though many of you have heard this kind of proclamation before, trust this is still true. For there are no limits to realms in which I can take you. There is no obstacle too great for me, no mountain too high, no canyon too wide. And though your heart is tired and weary do not let yourself become disgruntled and fall into the trap of hopelessness.

For the delays in this world will weigh heavily upon you if you allow them. The complexities and paradoxes held within your mind will gradually talk you out of your inheritance if you allow them to do so. The reasonable, rational explanations will convince you to take the other path, the path that makes more sense, the path of security and stability.

And all these options are available to you to choose, but also is the option to remain true to the word I have already spoken, though there is delay. And the new things, already set in motion, already launched, and even now beginning to be activated, will continue to grow and bear fruit.

So the new things set before you, the new visions, the hopes, the new possibilities, and yes, even more than you have understanding of right now, will continue open themselves to you as you continue to open yourself to them, and receive them, not rejecting them or pushing them to the side.

For there are still so many questions before your mind. And yes, all these questions will be addressed in due course of time.

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