Though You Feel Lost You Are Blessed

Neil Vermillion —  January 14, 2015 —  Comments

For today is a day of testing and trying. It is a day of feeling the heat from the flames. It is a day of remembering your humanity and your limits.

For while your spirit is great, and your heart is great, and many things within you are great, there are very real limits in the place you find yourself now. And so, don’t be discouraged by your limits, as if they could ever stop me and my plans for you. And do not be discouraged because all these things pull on you in uncomfortable ways. For though there is discomfort and confusion and irritation, know and remember all these plans I have for you are still fully alive, fully active.

My plans for you have not faded, have not changed. And while you may not fully understand the limits of your humanity and your circumstance, I always have. And though many of you desire to jump and be free from these things as though they are a hindrance, allow me to reassure you, they are no hindrance for what I will do through you and with you.

And many of your ideas are dying and many of your plans are taking on new shapes and colors, as days continue to pass you by. This is all part of my plan, all part of my process. And though you find yourself caught in days on end where you do hear my voice, or feel my presence, do not allow yourself to be discouraged. This is all part of the process and always has been.

So while you find yourself in a very different place than where you though you would be at this time, don’t allow yourself to feel all lost, as if you’ve somehow fallen off the path. For this is all part of the path. This is all part of the process. This is where everyone must go, and come through at some point. So enjoy where you are. Make peace with where you are, for you are blessed.

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