Though You Want To Obey You Lack Perseverance

Neil Vermillion —  February 10, 2015 —  Comments

For in these lean times you are now experiencing I am forging within you greater endurance. I am helping you remain strong when you want to give up. I’m helping you to look to the vision I’ve set before you and to continue to persevere in spite of the difficulties. I know this is hard. I know this is not the way you would like for it to go, but this is my plan in this season for you to help strengthen you.

For though your heart wants to obey you lack the perseverance. Many times you want to do the right thing, but do not. So I am helping to forge inner strength within you for the long haul. I am helping to forge strength within you so you can remain focused, so you can remain faithful, so you can finish the race. So while this difficulty may seem like punishment, may seem like unnecessary delay, know it is not. Know this season is stretching you past your comfort zone in order to forge the strength you need to finish.

For I have the end in mind when I do these things. I know very well how everything will turn out for you. And because I care about you so very much, I work behind the scenes to bring about the right circumstances at the right time to help prepare you for the things you’ve yet to experience, for the things you’ve yet to encounter.

For I know the obstacles you will face. And I know what it will take to overcome those obstacles. And I also know very well what you lack. So I work to push you, to set you on course, to prepare you for these obstacles. I work to give you what you will need, to supplement what you are lacking. And though it is painful, it is necessary and it will help you overcome!

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