Throw Off Your Hindrances

Neil Vermillion —  February 27, 2015 —  Comments

And deep within you is my song. And deep within you is my desire to release this song. For I’ve fashioned worship within you, and I’ve fashioned obedience within you, and I’ve fashioned purpose within you. So know my song, is worship. But my song has many forms. My song is not only limited to music. For my song has many forms, my song has many ways to manifest.

For those who are obedient, for those who remain faithful, you are singing my song, the song of obedience, the song of worship. As you worship me with your time, with your heart, with your honor, with your tithes, with your talents, with your obedience, it is a sweet song to me, and I perceive it and collect it as worship. So know, this desire deep within you is of me, and I’m stirring this desire within you even in the night season, when you are not aware.

For I’ve called you to my side to know me as a child knows his father. And I’m calling you again, to be not only my child, but to remain in faithfulness, and to remain in obedience. For there are many, many blessings I desire to pour out upon you. And your obedience will be the path through which not only you, but also many others will be blessed. So remain faithful, and continue to seek me in all your ways, in all your days. For the hear desire deep within you will not be satisfied with a counterfeit. The desire to know me will not be satisfied with any other substitute.

So throw off your hindrances and run to me. And I will embrace you, and you will be full of joy and full of contentment and fulfillment. And the price you’ve paid will seem so small, the delays so brief, and the pain so insignificant, as you sit in my presence and we abide together forever.

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