Time To Make Yourself Ready

Neil Vermillion —  September 9, 2014 —  Comments

No matter how frequently the message is stated, it will seem as though it was insufficient when the difficulties begin to become more and more common. But remember, I’ve said these things, I’ve worked on your hearts closely, intimately, personally, in order to wake you up, and to spur you on to greatness.

For though the things ahead of you are difficult, I will still give my peace to those who are willing to invest now and build history together now. For the days ahead will be too rapid, too terrible, too grand to do nothing. If you do not make yourselves ready now, you will not be able to make yourselves ready then.

Consider my servant Noah, who spent many years building in preparation for the great and terrible day. And also consider those who mocked and ignored my servant Noah. Now consider the fates of these two groups of people – Noah and his family, and those who mocked and ignored Noah. And so it will be in the days soon coming, the great and terrible day. The mockers will be so vocal, so prevalent, but they themselves are so completely unprepared.

So it is with a sober mind, and sober heart you can now make these decisions, and reassess all within your inventory. Let those with ears hear, and those with wisdom take action to prepare and make ready. For the time will approach soon, and even the birth pains will get your attention.

But the time has not yet come, though it is on the horizon. For the days soon coming are only the foreshadowing. They will begin to shake things that are periphery. And as this preliminary process continues to work it course, more and more will be shaken, and issues and paradigms will be confronted one after another. And it will graduate, and it will escalate.

So take the time now to prepare yourself. Take the time now to confront these issues and confront these paradigms while you can. For my hands are outstretched to you with love and encouragement to help you, to bring you past the hindrances, to lose chains shackled around your ankles, and to set you free from fears and your limiting beliefs.

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