Time To Step Out Of The Boat

Neil Vermillion —  April 24, 2015 —  Comments

And in these days I’m asking you to begin to take steps out of the boat. I’m issuing a challenge to you to begin to put action behind what you believe. And I’m asking you to begin to take steps towards the direction you know I’ve called you to already.

For there are things I’ve called you to and things you do not doubt. There are things you know you’ve been called to accomplish, even though you’ve not yet started working on them. So it is these things I’m calling you to do. It is these things I’m asking you to begin. I’m asking you to step out of the boat, walk by faith, and begin to implement the plans I’ve given you to achieve the vision I put before your eyes.

Understand this will be very challenging time for you, for this is a time of transition. Throughout the Earth things are changing and it’s going to require a lot of work. It’s going to require a lot of effort and you’re gonna have to go against the grain at times.

But also know, even though it’s challenging it’s going to be very exciting. It’s also going to be very rewarding. For these are days of great adventure. These are days of great fulfillment. And these are days you will be blessed. These are days you’re going to be so glad are able to participate in. If you will step out of that boat, and walk by faith, you will get to participate.

In these days, even today, my spirit is strong within you and I’m going to be shaking and stirring you up. You will not be able to find comfort in your normal day-to-day lives. You are going to be provoked and you’ll not find peace with doing anything else but the things that I’ve called you to do. For I will be stirring within you, and I will be awakening my destiny for your lives.

So as you feel yourself stirred, know this is my spirit, this is my work. This is what I’m doing in this hour and in this season. So don’t resist my movement upon your heart. This is the call to move out, step out in faith, and do the great works and the great exploits I’ve already called you to do.

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