Training Exercises For Great Stability

Neil Vermillion —  April 7, 2015 —  Comments

I want to remind you that times of hardship, times of struggle, even times of failure, are times I can use to remove weakness within you. For I see the desire within your heart to be set on a solid foundation. I see the desire to be led, to be guided, to follow the path of righteousness. But these paths require my strength. These paths require submission. So know, I am giving you the skills you need to make it. I am preparing you to be able to succeed along the path I’m calling you to follow.

But this path will not come easily. This path will not come quickly. In fact, it will be slow going, and at times it will be difficult. This path will be costly, requiring much sacrifice on your part. And though you desire the end result, you do not want to pay the price. Though you want to walk in victory you want to bypass the process to acquire it. So know, I see these things, and I am working on your behalf in spite of your resistance, in spite of your reluctance, in spite of your rebellion, and in spite of your ignorance. And I am moving you, and I am guiding you to these paths of preparation.

For though these paths of preparation will be good for you, they will not be entirely pleasant. But though they are not pleasant, they will serve you so well in the days ahead. So don’t hold back. Don’t fear these paths of preparation. For they will be a blessing to you. They will be a gift to you. They will set you up to overcome, if you will remain faithful and not lose heart, if you will not become distracted, if you will not give up, if you will not become too weary.

So in your times of hardship, and in your times of delay, continue to draw yourself to me, and quicken your spirit. For in doing so you will not waste valuable time. In doing so, you will learn the lessons you need to learn so you can advance, and not waste time repeating lessons needlessly. So be sharp. Be alert. Be aware! All these things are working together for your good, if you will remain, if you will stay, if you will not veer to the right, or to the left.

These times are but training exercises for you. And though you will sweat, and though you will be pushed to your limits, and even at times it will feel as though you’ve been pushed past them, you will see their value when you come out on the other side. When you are skilled and excellent in the areas I’ve called you to, in the areas I’ve assigned to you, you will appreciate all the times of preparation I’ve already put you through.

So understand, these are but training exercises preparing you for the days ahead – the days of your destiny and the great call upon your life. For these days matter, and these days count. And it is for this reason I want you to succeed. I want you to be prepared. I want you to be skilled, equipped, excellent, and competent. For I see the end, and I know how to get you where I need you to be. So trust in my leadership, and trust in my process, though it will not always be to your liking. Though there will be times of unrest, and times of discomfort, know I am working all this out, and it will be good.

And all these exercises will work together to set you in the place of great stability. For the days ahead will surely require those whose feet will not slip. They will require those who will not stumble. And all the stability built on the foundations of man, on the institutions of man, the ideas and ways of man, will surely fail you in the days ahead. But if you have taken time to build your foundation upon me, upon my word, upon my ways, surely you will have great stability.

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