Turning Around Of Things Meant To Harm You

Neil Vermillion —  December 15, 2014 —  Comments

And even today you are positioned in a place of stress and pressure. But know, I will take what the enemy has meant for your harm and turn it around for your good. For I will bring the plans of the enemy to a swift end and no one will see it coming. It will be a surprise.

For the pressure put upon you which was meant to destroy you will be turned around and used to strengthen you. And the very forces intended to harm you, will be turned around and used to prepare you. So yes, the pressure is very real, and the opposition is very real, but know, I will turn all these things around so they come out for your benefit.

For today I am calling you out to kill your lion and your bear. I am calling you out in the wilderness to step out in faith in the middle of confusion and chaos and to activate what you’ve already been given. And though you may not understand it all fully, trust I am guiding you, trust I am with you, trust I am there to help you along the way. For it is not your own plans, nor your own vision, nor your own spirit you are following. For it is my spirit, my plans, my vision placed before you in which you have surrendered yourself to, and are allowing to operate within your heart and emotions.

So though the times are difficult and you feel pressed on every side, know you will survive and even learn to enjoy the ride as you see the tide turn around for your favor. For surely I will redeem all these things, and the glory of my plans will be shown around about the Earth for those whose hearts are faithful to me and have remained faithful until the end. For the end of all these things will come quickly, and will be here soon.

So do not delay, do not become weary, for the day of your great salvation is at hand, and all the things set before you to stop you, to block you, to steal from you, will be turned around and be used as agents to bless you, to prepare you, to prosper you!

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