Vision And Strength To Continue

Neil Vermillion —  October 21, 2014 —  Comments

For I will give you not only vision, but also strength to continue. I am recharging your batteries, so to speak, and burning the fire hotter than yesterday. For I know there are many things before your eyes still not yet accomplished.

And some of these things will simply have to be discarded and forgotten because they were never from me at all. But for the things I’ve spoken to you, for the things I’ve promised you, for the vision I’ve given you and planted deep within the core of who you are, these things I will give you strength and perspective to be able to carry on.

I will give you my strength to endure and not give up. I will give you my strength to overcome, especially in areas you’ve failed time and time again. I will grant you my strength to believe, continue, and even to accelerate and increase.

And for many of you, you’ve tasted set back after set back, failure after failure, loss after loss, after loss. But surely I will cause you to abound, even in such difficult circumstances and even though you have failed in times before. I will not only sustain you and keep you, I will strengthen you so you will be able to thrive and expand and increase.

And to those who will not shrink back in complacency, or fear, or procrastination, you will taste of the spoils of your success. And you will taste of my faithfulness to accomplish the word I sent forth originally to you. For these are my plans, and you are my people, and I will accomplish all I’ve set out to do. For I will have my way, and I will do all I’ve purposed according to my timing.

So understand, mighty men of valor, mighty men of courage, I am strengthening you in these days and the days soon coming. So as you see your acceleration upon you, cooperate with it. Sow mightily, sow generously, sow without thought of running out. For together all these things will be accomplished as we work together in this day in the Earth.

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