Walking By Faith

Neil Vermillion —  December 11, 2014 —  Comments

The path set before you is actually very simple. Though it is difficult at times, and painful, and even confusing, it is very simple. And while you desire to know more, and to be active to control circumstances and even people in your life, there is still so much before you beyond your control.

I’m inviting you to a simpler, easier way of life. I’m inviting you to walk by faith, not by sight, not by your own understanding. And while you will still experience hardships, and difficulties, the life of faith will be so much simpler for your weary soul. For this heaviness will wear you out, and the confusion and questions will wear you out over time. So put those things away, and allow yourself the simplicity of believing and living like a child.

Walk by faith, and take things more simply, and you will have more joy, and enjoy this life I’ve given you. For many of you want the things in your life to be changed, rather than to change your perspective on these things. But this change of your perspective is the very thing I’m after. For you measure success naturally. You measure progress naturally. You measure right and wrong naturally, and none of those things are of me. I want to shape you and shift you and teach you to look past natural things and see things from my perspective.

So in your hurts and confusion, and in your frustrations, let go of the demands you have and surrender to a simpler way of living. Surrender to a child-like path, in which you have fewer problems and more gratitude. For much of the process is about teaching you to enjoy where you are, rather than always wanting to be somewhere else. There is a gratitude within you needing to be developed. And while it may seem hard, and me even seem cruel, this path of developing gratitude is a wonderful gift to you.

For in the development of gratitude you will abide in joy and peace and security that cannot be shaken. Your joy will not be fleeting or temporary, but will remain with you regardless of what happens to you, regardless of what men say to you, regardless if things go your way or not. So while it is costly, this gift of gratitude will serve you well and be a wonderful blessing to you. And I am a father who gives you good things. I am the source of all good things. So of course, I will give you this good gift, developing your gratitude.

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