Will I Find Faithfulness?

Neil Vermillion —  November 14, 2014 —  Comments

And though my spirit is with you, and my wisdom is with you, and my power is with you, know there is still much work we will have to accomplish together. And while you would prefer to simply sit back and observe, know all these things will be accomplished by our partnership together.

For the work will require a very real labor. And the things yet to be accomplished will not come about without a true partnership. So though you feel discouraged in your days of seasons of delay, remember all these things will come about in due season.

And when I return, what will I find?

Will I find faithfulness?

When I return will I find you working faithfully in the field? Or will I find you sleeping, drunk, and abandoning the things I’ve set before you?

The choice is yours to make, but I urge you to choose wisely. Choose with a sober mind because your choices will have very real, lasting consequences.

So know the battle is real. Know the struggle is real. Know the work is real. Know the price required of you is very real. Don’t feel as though you’re off the mark just because it’s expensive. Don’t feel as though you’ve missed it because it’s taking longer than you thought it would. Don’t feel discouraged because you are weak and incapable. For all of these things may be true, if you only look at them with your natural eyes.

But I’m urging you today, to remain faithful to the vision I’ve put within you. Revisit your original passion. Revisit the days of your youth when you believed you could accomplish anything and everything. And you will see it come to pass, as time goes by, as you remain faithful, the plans I have for you come about in due season.

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