Working Out The Greater Things Hidden Within You

Neil Vermillion —  December 17, 2014 —  Comments

These are surely the days of expanding you, of strengthening you, of increasing you. And though this is true it will not feel this way. It will feel as though you are pushed to your limit. It will feel as though you have no more strength left. It will feel as though all your resources have been completely spent. And though this is a difficult and uncomfortable place, remain here. For in this place is your growth. In this place is your maturity and refinement. In this place you will experience the falling away of the debris holding you back.

And it has already been a very long time for you. But don’t concern yourself with how long it has taken, or the speed at which you feel you have progressed. For there is an eternal perspective that will give way to new understanding. And this new perspective will allow you to see things differently, the way I see them. For in some areas you’ve measured yourself incorrectly. So I’m working to adjust your point of view on your behalf. I’m helping you to see things from my perspective and I’m helping you to understand things differently.

So know while this difficult time of pressure is pulling on you and pressing on you, know it is not for nothing, but it is working within you a greater strength, a greater stamina, a greater perspective. For all these things are not wasted. All these things are not for nothing. For they are working to accomplish all I have in store for you, even to the very smallest, littlest detail.

And in all these things, day in and day out, you will have to depend on me. And as you depend on me, you will come to know me as your great provider and your great source. For surely I am the vine that will sustain you. And as you continue to remain in me you will bear much fruit. And though you would choose to avoid it, I will prune you to help you to become even more fruitful. For there is much abundance and prosperity within you, deep down hidden inside you.

And so I’m working to help extract the hidden things and to bring them to the surface. I’m working to reduce the clutter and enhance your giftings. So trust in me, and trust in my process, and trust in my timing. For all these things will work out according to my plans, according to my schedule, according to my purposes!

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