Working Towards A Greater End

Neil Vermillion —  February 9, 2015 —  Comments

And though you feel pressed, know I am with you always and in all these things. For this is a season of reduction. This is a season of streamlining. This is a time and season of eliminating what’s unnecessary. So while you may feel as though this is punishment, know instead this is preparation. And while it may feel as though I am resisting you, know instead I am getting you ready for your next season.

For you see things one-dimensionally. You think of your days one at a time. You see yourself today and give no thought for tomorrow. But my perspective is different. I see things finished. I see the end already. I see where you will end up on your present course. So I maneuver you differently. I guide you differently. I position and accelerate and delay you differently than you would choose to do for yourself. And I do these things because I love, because I am preparing you, because I am pruning you, and because I have a perspective entirely different than yours.

While the chopping away feels painful, remember this is my loving hand pruning you to be prepared for the next season coming up. For it is my desire, it is my plan to prosper you. It is my plan to further you. It is my plan to advance you past your present setting, and move you closer to the place of your calling, and to move you closer to the place of maturity in your destiny in me.

So while it may be painful and uncomfortable, know it is not for nothing. Know all these things are working towards a greater end, one you cannot see fully. Know all the delays, hurts, failures, and lessons you are learning and experiencing are seeds from which you will harvest much fruit later. For today we will sow, and tomorrow we will reap. So we work hard today, while keeping in mind tomorrow as well.

So trust in me. Open your heart and allow me to come and influence you greatly. For there are things within your heart that are hindrances. And these hindrances must be dealt with, and must be confronted. But know, I will give you my grace to empower you so you can rightly overcome these issues within your heart. I will help you. I will empower you. I will make it plain for you to see and understand.

So as you learn to trust in me, and learn to accept my timing and my guidance and leadership, know I will empower you through the difficult times as you remain faithful on the path set before you.

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