You Are Part Of A Body

Neil Vermillion —  December 1, 2014 —  Comments

In the times you feel the most weak, the most helpless, the most forgotten, do not let your heart remain troubled. Yes, there will be times and seasons of feeling low, and feeling as though there is no hope for a better day. But do not remain in this place. Do not continue to dwell on the failures, on the delays, on the mistakes. For in this you are shrinking back from the potential I have put before you.

For in your hope your heart will be alive. In your hope, you will press on for a brighter future. In your hope you will invent and innovate, and move past your present circumstances and possess the land I have called you to possess. For there is a temptation to believe all this is about you, and only you. There is a temptation to focus your energy and attention on yourself, believing all these things are about you, and no one else but you. But this is not true, my Dear One. For though you are part of the plan, you are not the focal point, and you are not the only person involved, and you are not the only person who will benefit.

For though you are a member, you are not the team. And while you may not always feel like you are part of a collective group, know deep down within your spirit, you are part of a body, part of a family of like-minded people, working together to accomplish my plans. And so know, although you feel alone, these plans, these obstacles, these hardships seem like they are all about you as an individual, but in reality they are about the collective. All these things are about you, but also about the body, and its members working together.

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