You Have Been Commissioned To Accomplish

Neil Vermillion —  December 5, 2014 —  Comments

So in these days of pondering, and asking, and seeking, be clear in your hearts to always continue to persevere. For there is resistance against you with a deliberate mission to cause you to fall away and to abandon not only who you are, but also what you can, and will, accomplish. For I’ve purposed greatness within you. And I’ve given you many glorious assignments, and many wonderful things to accomplish.

And these things will require much from you. They will require the very most you have to give, and it will push you to your limits, and even beyond. So in the times of experiencing resistance, trust you can overcome. For all these things are common to everyone. No one goes without the struggle. No one is free from difficulty and trials and resistance. So resolve within your heart never to give up. For the greatness placed within you will be shown in due season. And while it seems like it will never come, the day of the glorious appearing will be here soon.

And all these things will make sense to you. For now, you walk in the place of faith, without seeing fully, without knowing fully. But the day will come when all these things will be revealed, and you’ll understand and rejoice and be amazed at the wonderful part of the plan you have in me. So in your times of despair, cast your heaviness on to me and I will help you carry the load. For you have not been abandoned, and you are not alone in these things. You and I will accomplish them all together. And it will be for the great glory and fulfillment of my plans throughout the Earth that you will see it come to pass.

For these things seem like fantasy at times, but know I have put a vision before your eyes. And this vision will guide you, and it will keep you on the path, and this vision will help encourage you and sustain you. For the work to be accomplished is very real, and very important. I’ve given you the vision that is near to my heart and I want you to be a part.

So put on strength, renew your vision, rekindle the fire of your first love, and embrace the duty and call upon your life. For you have been commissioned to accomplish. And you have been assigned specific tasks to perform. And in all these things, trust and know I am with you, helping you along the way day after day.

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