You Will Accomplish Specific Goals According To Specific Plans

Neil Vermillion —  May 5, 2015 —  Comments

The next level of your advancement is already upon you. You have said yes to me, and you have chosen to follow me. So understand, you have crossed a line and have taken that next step, following the plans I have for you. And though you do not see the fullness of the path, you don’t see all the little details the way you want to, you’ve still said yes, you’ve still chosen to follow. And I’m going to continue to guide you. I’m going to continue to show you where to go, step by little step as we walk this path together.

For these are not your plans, but mine. These are not the plans you have devised, but these are the plans I have placed within you from before your beginning. And as the age continues to pass, and the day of the fulfillment grows closer and closer, the evidence of all these things will become clearer and clearer to you. And you will be amazed at my detail. You will be shocked at all the little things I’ve put in your path to help you along the way. You will see my handiwork, and know I have orchestrated all these things. I have set my seal upon you, and I have stamped your work with my fingerprints, and there will be no doubt who is the author, who is the originator.

And though you’ve not had all your questions answered, you’ve still said yes. Though you only had a small part, you still said yes. You were required to step out in faith, believing. So understand, my rewards are coming as well. All the things I’ve set before you will continue to come closer and closer to you, day by day as we walk this path together and all these things continue to grow and mature according to their predetermined timing. And no matter how hard you stress and struggle you will not be able to speed things up. And no matter how much you worry and regret you will not be able to slow things down. For all these things have been set. They have been scheduled.

And in these days realize there is much work ahead of you. There is much labor, and there is much preparation. And you will be required to sacrifice and abandon your previous desires, your previous plans. All your selfish goals will have to be discarded. All your worthless idols will have to be forgotten. All your lame, silly insecurities will have to be given up, and you will be required to live and abide in my confidence, in my spirit. You will be required to grow. You will be pushed and challenged, and it will exhaust you at times. It will extract from you that which you did not realize you even had within you – and this is its very purpose!

To unearth the hidden treasures I’ve placed within you is the very purpose of some of your trials and experiences. And though it is painful, it is effective. And though it hurts, the pain is but brief. It is brief in comparison to the glory that will be revealed through you.

So understand this, my Dearly Beloved, though much is required of you, it will also be your joy. Though you will sweat and stress and struggle, it will be your delight. For the things I put before you, the things I’ve called you to pursue, will surely satisfy you. You will acquire a taste for superior pleasures as you follow me and lose your appetite for trivial pleasures. And as you work hard, and give of yourself, and pour yourself out, I will meet you and we will accomplish together.

For you are not only a servant. You are not only a soldier. For you are my children, and I have called you friends. I have made myself known to you, and I have put my spirit within you. So are not only servant, not only driven by duty, but you are, and will continue to be, motivated by my never-ending, incomprehensible love.

And my love will fuel your fire brighter and hotter than Duty ever could. My love will inspire and guide you to levels Duty never could. You will give of yourself holding nothing back in measures you never would if you were to allow Duty to remain your master. For my love is great, and my spirit is great. And my love will fuel and guide you and take you further than you can comprehend. And through it all, this labor, this sacrifice, this denial of yourself, your greatest joy will be awakened, activated, and strengthened within you. All this will be your joy, will be your source, will be your food, will be your sustenance.

With all these things we will do together, through all the work that is required of you, you will learn so many valuable lessons. You will be transformed into that vessel of greatness. You will be changed and transformed into the image of my son. And you will grow in knowledge and you will know excellence. And all these things will save you so much in your days ahead. While you feel the pain of today, remember the joy of tomorrow.

Don’t look to the things you see today, for there will be here today, but gone tomorrow. But look to the things that are eternal, the things that will never pass away. For you will taste and see and know my goodness, and the skills and experience you’ve acquired will serve you well, and will save you so much pain, hurt, and agony in the days ahead, and you will see how I have loved you by preparing you, by shaping and molding you.

For all these lessons have also been prepared for you. You are on a specific course, with a specific destination, to accomplish specific goals, according to a specific plan. All these things will prove to be profitable to you, according to the specific purposes already given you. And as you grow in maturity, grow in the fruits of my spirit, you will learn to leverage and multiply what I’ve put within you. And you will see the goodness of my plans and your joy will be full.

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