You Will Grow In Your Fascination Of Me

Neil Vermillion —  November 5, 2014 —  Comments

For my love for you is immeasurable. There is no way for you to fully comprehend all I have in my heart for you. For though you know of love, you do not know it fully. You do not know my love in its fulness. And it is my desire, my burning passion within me, to reveal my heart to you in all intimate and personal ways possible. There is no limit to the number of things I will bestow upon you, my Dearly Beloved, for there are gifts upon gifts I have for you.

And there are experiences and adventures one after the other in store for you as well. For in my plans, and in my heart, there is so much satisfaction for you. There is so much fulfillment I have for you, if you will come and follow me. For I am the God of great fulfillment. And though some of you know this, and some of you have experienced this, there is still so much more to be known, and there is still so much more to be experienced.

So I invite you again today to come and seek me. Seek me in all your ways, in all you have, in all the hours you have at your disposal. For I am worth your pursuit for nothing compares with me.

Understand, as you seek me, you will find me. And as you seek me, you will grow in your fascination of me. You will grow in your curiosity. You will grow in your amazement of who I am, as well as all my ways. For my ways are great, and worthy of your study and devotion. And my heart for you is equally great, and worthy of all your heart, all your devotion, all your sacrifice.

So come to me, and draw yourself near to my heart. If you continue to do so faithfully, I will continue to draw myself to you as well. And you will know me, and your knowledge and experience of me will be your great reward and your great adventure.

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