You Will See And You Will Know

Neil Vermillion —  May 6, 2015 —  Comments

And as these days continue to progress, and as you continue to follow the path marked out for you, you will come to know me more and more by my spirit. For there will be many things you will not be able to understand. There will be many things that will confound your natural mind. But my spirit will speak to you, and you will know me by my spirit. And we will walk together, hand in hand, and you will see me moving.

And though you will not always understand, your spirit will discern. If you’ve take the time to cultivate a life with me it will be no surprise to you the way things unfold before you. And your spirit will discern my spirit, and you will know me, though you can’t see me with your eyes, though you don’t always understand my ways or my timing.

And as you grow in your security and stability of my spirit, you will see me more frequently. You will see me in all the little ways I’ve shown myself to you that you did not recognize before. You will see where I’ve revealed my plans for you, my desires for you, my heart for you, even though you did not see it before. And as you do, you will see me demonstrate myself, my plans, and my love for you. You will see and you will know.

And all these things will take time. All this knowledge, all the things you are learning and collecting, will take time to accumulate. So it is with consistency I want to encourage you to remain faithful day after day. And though you may feel you are making no progress at times, know I am working my process within you and it will surely bear its fruit in the due course of time. And as you continue to remain faithful understand more and more will be given you, little by little. It won’t all happen quickly. It won’t all happen suddenly, but it will happen.

And there will be seasons of rapid advance, and there will be seasons of holding steady. There will be days of heat and stress, and there will be days of rest and refreshment. All these are part of the total process, and all these things will work their process within you.

With this in mind, do not allow your feelings or your limited perceptions to discourage you or to hinder the move of my spirit upon you. For you will not always have adequate perspective to be able to fully understand all that’s happening. The path laid out for you will most definitely require you to walk by faith. So don’t allow the absence of details hinder you. Don’t allow days when it seems as though you are not making any progress discourage you, or sway your zeal or commitment, for surely these days will come.

With this in mind, understand one of the key strategies for you will be to remain steadfast. Remain faithful day after day. Keep steady day in, day out, even if it seems monotonous and even if it seems as though you are not making any progress whatsoever.

And in these days of discouragement, and times when you are lacking motivation to continue, call out to me. For you are not alone, and you are not in this life all by yourself. Reach out to me, call out to me, and I will meet you where you are. I will answer the call of Those Who Love Me. I will hear your cry, and I will make myself known to you. And I will pour my love upon you and I will refresh you. I will give you new hope, and new perspective, and new strength. I will make the obstacles seem small. I will make the distance seem short. I will give you understanding from my perspective and your hope will be restored.

So when you are feeling lost, pointless, or fatigued, call out to me. Ask me for perspective and I will give it to you. I will renew and strengthen you. And hope will arise within you and you will persevere. You will remain. And you will be found faithful.

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