You Will See My Handiwork

Neil Vermillion —  November 19, 2014 —  Comments

For though you have many questions set before you, though you have many things in your heart still unanswered, know I will be your source of provision in all your trials. And though you want answers, and though you are confused about many things, this does not diminish my love for you, nor does it diminish the plans I will work through you.

For my goodness is greater than your doubt. And my plans for you are greater than your doubt. And though it is good for your understanding, my plans and my love for you are still so much greater than your understanding. So though you do not understand, and though you have so many questions, I’m inviting you to continue to persevere. I’m inviting you to walk by faith, and to continue in spite of the answers not presenting themself the way you want, at the time you want.

For I’ve called you to be a people who will look past your natural eyes, and to live by faith. And this lifestyle of faith is completely contrary to your natural self, to your natural world. The life of faith will require you time and time again to look past the temporary and to look to things which are eternal. And over the years you will see it come to pass time and time again, that the things of this world, and the things of your natural mind, will not line up with the things of the spirit, with all the things I have for you.

And some will turn out better than you planned, and others will turn out completely differently than you had planned. But in the end, through them all, you will see my handiwork. You will see my fingerprints spread across them all. For surely my heart to guide you will be evident to those with eyes to see, whose hearts are open to hear from me.

And though many things in this life will not make sense to you, do not worry, do not fear, do not allow this to become an obstacle to you in your devotion and pursuit of all I put before you. For there are many twists and turns and there is much you will not be fully able to grasp. So do not look to your own understanding, but instead, continue to walk by faith, knowing I will guide you, trusting in my leadership, and believing all these things are already taken care of.

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