Your Good And Loving Coach

Neil Vermillion —  May 28, 2015 —  Comments

Allow me to assure you in these days. For there will be times when you do not see me. There will be times when you do not feel my presence. There will be times when you cannot hear me. But nevertheless, I am with you. And in these times of feeling all alone, do not let your heart be troubled. Continue to walk the path before you. Exercise your will to continue the path, and you will see where it will take you.

For surely these hard and difficult days will come. But these days, though they will come, will only be temporary. They will not last forever. And though you feel you are pressed beyond what you can bear, remember my grace, remember my spirit, remember my promises. And in time, you will see all these good things come to pass. No, not everything will happen quickly. No, not everything will be easy. But yes, it will happen, and yes, it will come if you continue to remain faithful, and you continue to persevere.

For in many ways I will be your coach. I will be your shepherd. I will be your lover. I will be your protector. I will be your provider. But I will also be your coach. And I will prove things to you through experience. And some of these things you will not like nor enjoy at the time you are experiencing them. Nevertheless, they are good for you. And as your loving coach, I will present you with these opportunities to bring you to a place of greater growth, a place of greater fruitfulness, a place of greater reflection of my son.

For in these things you will be required to die to your former way of thinking. You will be required to die to your former way of living. You will be required to abandon your old ways, and adopt my ways. And you will struggle and you will fight to hold on, but the sooner you let go of these worthless things, the sooner you will enjoy freedom. And though the struggle is very real, it is very brief. Your life is but a vapor, here one minute, and gone the next. But the truth I present to you will last forever if you will embrace it, if you will adopt it and accept it.

So do not allow your hearts to be troubled. Continue to believe. Put on strength, and clothe yourself in my spirit. For as you do, you will see it come to pass, the fulness of the plans I have in store for you.

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