Your Perspective Will Shift And Be Changed

Neil Vermillion —  August 11, 2014 —  Comments

And this is a season of working hard, and but also listening hard. And now is a time of coming away with me, like you’ve not done in the past. For many of you are distant from me. And while you desire to be close, you are not willing to put in the time to make our closeness a reality. And in the days ahead I’m going to be helping you with this.

I’m going to help remove all lies, all deceptions, all distractions from your sphere, and I will help you to say yes. But if you hear this gentle call now, and say yes to this now, you will surely be more prepared than if you continue to wait. For in the time of delay much ground will be covered, and you could prosper from it.

And there are fears before your eyes, and there are lies spoken in your ears. And these lies, these deceptions have held you in suspense, they have kept you in a holding pattern. But in the days soon coming, I will be confronting these lies and these deceptions and all of them will be exposed.

You will question many things in the days ahead, and you will have question upon question for me. And as your grope for answers blindly, you will begin to see the light. And the answers will become a lifeline to you, and your heart will once again pump with purity as it did in days past.

And you will be surprised at the things you’ve believed. You will be surprised by the lies you’ve been fed and have believed. And you will be confronted with things that you would rather not want to deal with. But in the midst of all this, know I am working awaken your love deep within your heart. And as you continue to sit at my feet, and listen to my word, and listen to my heart, and listen to my spirit, I will surely sustain you and revive you, and the original spark you first knew will be rekindled again, and you will return to your first love.

Though you have fond memories of how things used to be, many have fallen away, consumed with the cares of this world. And you’ve placed the things of high importance under the things of low importance. But do not worry, and do not fret, because I am already moving, to awaken hearts to pure love.

And your perspective will shift and be changed. And your perspective will point you into a clear direction, and you will know it’s me that’s doing this, working in your circumstances to shake all that can be shaken, and to shake all that needs to be shaken. And all the distractions before your eyes now will fall away as all the deceptions are exposed.

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