Prophetic Counsel

Have you received personal prophetic words, but you’d like to have additional insights and understanding as to what they mean for you personally?

Do you have some kind of revelation God has given you, but you’re unsure as to its meaning, or uncertain what God is really saying?

If so, Prophetic Counsel can help.

There are three parts to understanding what God says to us: (1) Revelation (2) Interpretation (3) Application.

Revelation is the raw data, the basic essence of what God reveals. This revelation can be an idea, a vision, a prophetic word, a dream, a dance, a new perspective, etc., It has many forms of manifesting.

Now that you have received the initial revelation, the second part of the process is to discern and interpret what is being said. This is Interpretation. Interpretation explains the meaning behind the Revelation. It makes it possible to understand so there is no confusion, doubt, or misunderstanding. In order to adequately gain understanding, and speak about such things with clarity, it takes time to do so – additional counsel in fact, or what I’ve started referring to as “Prophetic Counsel”.

Basically Prophetic Counsel is taking whatever you have been given, such as a personal prophetic word, and breaking it down into bite-sized pieces so you can 1) understand it and 2) digest it. Understanding what is being said can be a big obstacle, and without it confusion or misunderstanding can hinder us.

Prophetic Counsel makes it possible for you to submit your questions and receive additional insights and detailed understanding as to what God is saying, and what he is meaning. This is ideal for personal prophetic words (aka, “personal prophecy”) in particular. Prophetic Counsel gives understanding by offering interpretation to the revelation and helps take away the mystery, making it plain and easy for you to understand.

Here’s How It Works

After you have subscribed to Prophetic Counsel service you can submit your questions via email. When your subscription is created I’ll create a block of time in my schedule to read, process, and reply to your questions. The rate is $103.30 per month, which covers 1 hour of time. In that one hour I will review your question(s) and inquire of the Lord more deeply and specifically for additional understanding as to what’s being said, and how to respond. Then I will send you an audio recording giving additional insights and understanding, breaking things down into plain English so you can understand what’s being said.

Prophetic Counsel works hand-in-hand with personal prophecy by giving you understanding as to what God is saying. This kind of counsel is available if you have received a prophetic word from myself, or from someone else. It doesn’t matter the source/messenger, as I’ll be able to offer interpretation to prophetic words others have also given you too.

It’s particularly helpful when you have received several prophetic words (more than three), and have identified recurring themes. We can take a look at these themes and investigate as to what God is really saying, and what he is really meaning, which will arm you with information and understanding to be able to respond appropriately.

Because Prophetic Counsel is conducted through email there is no need to schedule meetings together, which makes it ultra-convenient. All you have to do is submit your questions via email, and I’ll send you an audio recording with answers to your question(s).

You can enroll in Prophetic Counsel by clicking this link.

You’re free to cancel any time you choose.

Once payment has been processed you will receive confirmation by email, and I will schedule time to process your questions and send you a response each month.

For sake of demonstration I’ve included a segment of a Prophetic Counsel session in the video below. This way you will be able to see exactly what is involved, and what the full service would be like. Although your individual needs will be different, this sample should give you a very good idea what a typical session would be like, allowing you to decide if Prophetic Counsel is right for you, or not.