Prophetic Life Coaching

This is a specific kind of coaching. It’s not counseling in the traditional sense, like talking about your hurts or problems and strategizing a way to overcome them or correct them. It’s not like that at all.

This service is more about uncovering who God says you are, what God says your talents and calls in your life are, and how to make a plan to follow develop it accordingly.

Actually I’m not sure exactly what to call it, so I decided to call it “prophetic life coaching” because it definitely has a prophetic edge to it. This is more about discovering who God says you are.

There are three main areas of focus:
1. Identity
2. Purpose
3. Talent

These could be described a few different ways, but basically we’ll discover these three areas, and then examine them in order to help provide refined focus for your life.


Identity = Who you are.

First we’ll start by uncovering your identity.

I’m not talking about your natural identity or personality. I’m talking about uncovering who you are based on who God says you are. Many times this will not exactly line up with who we think we are, or how we’ve been taught to think of ourselves. Other times we have a suspicion of something lying within us, but aren’t quite sure how to bring it to the surface and tend to it.

We see many examples of such things in the Bible, when God would call people to do something and they just didn’t understand it. Gideon is a prime example. God addressed him as a “mighty warrior” (Judges 6:12). Some translations call him something else, but the point is, God saw him very differently than the way Gideon saw himself. And in this conversation, God addressed Gideon and called out to him the way he saw him, not the way Gideon saw himself.

In these Prophetic Life Coaching sessions we’ll do the same thing. We’ll inquire of the Lord, and listen to who he says you are. You might be surprised how detailed he can be. He knows you so well – better than anyone!

You don’t have to be completely clueless in order to benefit from this kind of identity discovery. If you have an idea, or others have spoken things to you, this kind of session could also be used to confirm your identity too. It doesn’t have to be solely for the puprose of discovery, it can also confirm things you know (or suspect) to be true.


Purpose = What you do

It’s also about discovering your purpose, your destiny, and your call in life. This is directly related to your identity, though not the same. Identity is who you are, and purpose is what you do.

So after we have a sense of your identity, we’ll explore what you are designed and destined to do.


Talent = How you will accomplish your purpose

It’s also about discovering your talents God has given you to support your identity, and to equip you to effectively execute your purpose.

After your identity, purpose, and talent have been discovered and identified, we collect and assemble everything together. Then, we’ll work to map out a workable blueprint to allow you to pursue who God has made you to be, and develop your skills and talents to help make you effective.

Here’s How It Will Work

It will boil down to a group of sessions followed by on-going follow up sessions. Each session is conducted via email correspondence, allowing flexibility for our schedules.

The outline is made of three phases.

Phase One: is cover ground, see where you are, what God is saying, and asses where you are. We will examine gifts and talents as well as long term vision for your life.

Phase Two: subsequent follow up sessions are to create an action plan to take the revelation (information) and bring it into reality with practical, actionable steps and plan, including goals and deadlines. We’ll have to work on this together to devise a workable, practical plan of action based on the gifts and talents discussed form Phase One.

Phase Three: follow up sessions are provided and scheduled to check status and progress, and see if there are any adjustments needed, and reevaluate the current plan and projections. Sometimes the original plan is too difficult, costly, or time-intensive so it needs to be adjusted downward. Other times, the original plan is too easy or slow, so the action items needed to be adjusted upward.

We measure the activities to see how manageable they are in faithful implementation, based on the action plan. We also monitor and measure the results of the action plan as well, because sometimes the plan does not produce the intended result previously assumed. This means it will have to be adjusted not only to be practical, but so it will be effective in moving in the right direction, producing the intended outcome.

The payment for Prophetic Life Coaching is $1,250.00 US Dollars, payable in advance, which will include twelve sessions, of one hour each. Click here to make payment. Once payment has been received, I’ll contact you to set dates when we can correspond together. The fee is non-refundable.

It might take a bit of scheduling but we will work it out.  All the sessions will be conducted via email, which may include written text, audio recording, or video recording, depending on the individual needs and what is agreeable and convenient for us both.

This will allow you to be able to work it in at your schedule and stop and start as needed, while still make real, practical progress and taking steps toward you end goals.

Many people find tremendous value in just the first few sessions, and don’t feel necessary to continue with follow-up sessions. Others would like the accountability, routine, and schedule offered by follow up sessions. This is currently being offered in a flexible format to accommodate your individual needs and schedule.

Each session will be conducted within 30 days from the date the materials are received. This means you will have no more than 30 days to complete any assignments and send them in for follow up. If you do not meet the 30 day time frame contact me so we can make arrangements to make up the session. The 12 sessions do not expire, but will be scheduled at a time that is mutually agreed upon. If/when the enrollee does not take action, or does not complete the assignments, subsequent sessions will be temporarily paused, and rescheduled to a future date.

Each session is free to be utilized in the manner in which the enrollee so desires, including, but is not limited to, doing nothing. If the enrollee opts to do nothing, that session is lost and cannot be made up.

The purpose behind these coaching sessions is to take action, and the billing for these sessions support this imperative. The billing creates, and enforces, a deadline that must be met by establishing an initial financial investment. It also creates a financial incentive to complete the program, rather than abandon the course after only a few sessions. This is part of the environment for coaching to inspire, but also insist, on timely action to be taken, rather than merely consuming the material and taking no action to advance with the program.

It’s my intent to be able to serve you from an eternal, fatherly perspective as you grow in your relationship with God and continue to develop all he’s planted within you.

If you have questions feel free to contact me using the contact form here, or send a direct message on Twitter.