Prophetic Mentoring

Do you want to improve your ability to hear from God?

Do you want to be able to more clearly communicate to others what you are hearing, seeing, feeling, or sensing?

Prophetic mentoring is one-on-one mentoring where we will systematically work to develop your gift and God-given talent. As we work together, we’ll find your strengths as well as your areas for greater improvement. We’ll systematically work to develop both your strengths and non-strengths alike.

There are two areas of focus:

1) Getting revelation

2) Delivering the revelation

Getting Revelation

For many this is the perceived area of primary struggle and need for coaching. It’s actually an adjustment to mindset and expectations, both negative and positive. We’ll start by seeing where you’re at presently and examine any mindsets that may be hindering you, specifically for receiving revelation from God.

It’s not about a formula, or method per se. This isn’t a mind-over-matter, forcing yourself into a near-hernia state to manufacture some kind of supernatural manifestation of revelation.

Instead it’s an explanation and confirmation of these two core beliefs: 1) God desires to reveal himself and 2) his children hear his voice. One of the primary reasons Jesus came to Earth was to reveal The Father to us, so we know God’s heart is to share with us, to be with us in close relationship. We also know that a loving Father will speak to his children, not remain in perpetual silence.

With these two core truths we can be confident God will speak to us, and reveal things to us. In this coaching we’ll examine emotions and mindsets you may be holding on to that seem to be hindering you from receiving God’s revelation. Most people perceive this seems to be the biggest obstacle, but it only takes a small adjustment, and an open mind with a cooperative spirit, and you’ll be receiving from God in no time – very simple really.

Delivering The Revelation

After you’re getting impressions, regardless how faint or small, we’ll begin to collect them and examine them. The real obstacle is not in getting revelation,as most people presume. The real obstacle is delivering that revelation in a way that is useful to others. So with this in mind, we’ll work to craft your delivery of the revelation God gives you.

We’ll identify what’s good, and we’ll also identify what’s not good. “Not good” usually boils down to choice of words, which is 9 times out of 10 basically too vague or ambiguous. Most people just need a little polishing and adjustment in their choice of language in order to be clear and specific.

We’ll work develop habits that will bring your delivery of your revelation to an excellent level, allowing you to function at the highest manifestation of the gift and potential God has given you.

Much of this development will be done through written (typed) exercises. The rest will done through spoken exercises (using your voice).

Both will be used and incorporated, but the majority will be done through writing. Let’s make no mistake about it, this will be work. These will not be sessions where you will passively absorb concepts. You’re also going to have to put in some sweat equity too (though I doubt you will literally do much, if any, sweating). Sweat or no sweat, you will have assignments and will have to complete those assignments in order to grow.

Most of the assignments will be geared towards your strengths and capitalizing and improving them, however some exercises will also focus on introducing completely new concepts as well as focusing on specific areas of improvement.

The end result will be:

  • You’ll cover more ground than you could alone,
  • You’ll do so with excellence and righteousness avoiding known problems and pitfalls along the way, and
  • You’ll be exposed to concepts that would not normally cross your mind, causing you to grow in ways you would not on your own.

We’ll start by covering some core concepts that will apply universally in many settings and situations. But due to the nature of this kind of coaching we’ll end up spending the bulk of the time on your as an individual once the core fundamentals have been established. As such, you’ll advance at your own pace. Working together I won’t slow you down in areas you are able to excel in, and likewise we will adjust your pace for areas that will require a bit more time to master.

The goal is growth and development, so we’re not in any kind of big hurry to finish quickly. Rather we’ll take things one at a time and develop them, giving you ample time to lay a solid foundation and build upon it through experience.

Here’s How It Will Work

We’ll work one-on-one, in one hour sessions. Each session is only $103.30 per month, each month paid in advance. You can cancel anytime, having no long term obligation.

We’ll work together to schedule the sessions, but we’ll correspond through email using written exercises, as well as audio and video recordings, at times that accommodate your schedule.

Typically assignments will be scheduled one per month. You’ll have the rest of the 30 day period to complete your assignment, and turn it in. You’ll be able to complete the assignments at a time that works for your schedule, and do so at your own pace.

Once you’ve turned in your assignment, I’ll take a look at it and give you feedback as necessary. A one hour session basically works out to first 30 minutes for collecting and reviewing your assignment (usually via email). The second 30 minutes will be in analyzing and assessing progress, and creating and documenting the next steps (your next assignment).

We’ll do all the sessions through email, video, or audio correspondence. This way you’ll have an archive of the materials and can review them over and over again as needed. It will also be a great way for you to measure and see your individual progress, which can be especially helpful when measured over a longer period of time (i.e. – one year).

If the assignments and feedback are relatively small we can correspond through email. However, if the feedback requires quite a bit of explanation and detail I’ll likely create a video or audio recording for you (because even though I can type fast, I can still talk faster than I can type).

Added Bonus

You will also receive access to the archive of questions and answers previously asked by other mentees. This archive contains the question as well as the answer to the question in a video response. As more questions suitable for the group are submitted, this archive will continue to grow, and you will receive access to this material as it becomes available. This will allow you to grow and benefit from the questions and conversation generated in from a group environment.

The ever-growing archive is bonus material in addition to the personal, one-on-one consulting included in the mentoring, so you will basically be getting the best of both a collective group, as well as individual, specific attention.

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If you have questions, use the contact form on this site, or send a direct message to me via Twitter.

To better give you an idea of what a one-on-one session will be like through email, I’ve included an actual session in video format below. With this you will be able to see exactly what is included and what it will look like for you as an individual.

Elissa Winder-Davis

Prophetic Mentoring Sample