A Time To Be Sober Minded

Neil Vermillion —  October 16, 2018 —  Comments

Surely my grace is upon you to receive. Surely I am moving to enable you to receive all I have for you so nothing will be missed, nothing will be overlooked, nothing will be lost. It is my heart’s desire to manifest my generosity within you and among you. Even though there have been times of failure and times of doubt in the past, know that I am greater than any of your failures, and greater than any of your doubt. I will help you. I will help you to receive my vision, my plans, my spirit, my understanding, and to know my timing, and to be secure in my guidance and leadership. Continue Reading…

In this day and season be aware I am stirring the gifts I’ve placed within you. Do not be surprised at the new abilities you are sensing and the new desires you are feeling, for surely I am moving to equip you and make you ready. I am moving to celebrate the goodness I’ve place within you, and even the goodness I’ve hidden deep within you – so deep you didn’t even realize it was there. Continue Reading…

All Your Choices Matter

Neil Vermillion —  October 12, 2018 —  Comments

Keep in mind you are always free to choose. Remember, within your heart and within your spirit you are free to choose. You have the freedom to make choices in moments presented to you. I want to call you to my side, to listen to my heartbeat, to know me, to understand me, to let me love you, and let me make your path easy, and simple, and clear. At times there is confusion and uncertainty, but I desire to remove this. I want to help you fully understand what is happening so you are able to follow and obey without hindrance. It is not my desire that you walk or abide in confusion, or that you stumble needlessly. It is my desire to draw you to the light so you can see, understand, and hear all things clearly. (1)

Know in these days all your choices matter. Every action you take has results and consequences, so be sober in your mind. Be sober minded as you consider the outcome, and as you consider plans, and as you consider which direction to travel, as well as which direction to avoid. I will guide you, but it is up to you to make your choice. You will have to choose for yourself whether or not you want to follow. (2)

As events and circumstances become more and more clear to you, be proactive with the vision before your eyes. Take charge. Do not delay. Be bold. Do not hesitate. Take action.

Once you know and understand what I have spoken and revealed to you, take steps to move and pursue the vision I’ve laid before you. Know I am with you. Know these are my plans for you. Do not fear, or hesitate. Do not worry, or fret. Do not be anxious, but move with boldness, and with confidence, motivated by my great love. (3)

(1) 1 Corinthians 10:13, Galatians 5:13, Revelation 3:20
(2) Romans 12:3, Proverbs 16:9
(3) Joshua 1:9, Philippians 4:6-7, 2 Corinthians 5:14-15

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You Will Be My Messengers

Neil Vermillion —  October 11, 2018 —  Comments

Today there is an acceleration for many. Many of you will find yourself advancing quickly. Circumstances and relationships will develop and progress quickly, not slowly as they have in the past when progress was slower. In the past I was preparing you, getting you ready to be released and turned loose. But today I am releasing you to begin to walk in the places of your calling. The time of advancement for your position and influence is surely upon you. (1)

I have prepared you with great detail. I have scheduled the times and seasons and have been very diligent in training you and preparing you. You will not stop growing or stop learning, but be confident I am sending you out because you are ready. Know you are ready to be let loose. There is no need to keep you in school forever.

I am beginning to launch you into the marketplace, to the public gatherings, and to the highways in order for you to move among the people of this Earth. For I am calling all men unto me, that none should perish, but that everyone would come to repentance, and come and learn of me. In these days, surely I will have a presence among the people. I will have my messengers deliver the words I have ordained for them to say, and nothing will be stolen from them. Nothing will be stolen from me. (2)

Do not be surprised as things continue to unfold very quickly. I have been working to make the crooked paths straight, and to align opportunity together with my favor, so as to launch you and place you into positions of influence and effectiveness, for it is my desire to spread my fragrance throughout the Earth.

You will be my messengers. You will be my members. You will be my family, and together we will see it all come to pass. (3)

(1) Philippians 3:12
(2) 2 Peter 3:9, John 12:32, Matthew 6:19-21
(3) Malachi 3:1, Galatians 3:28

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Even today I am moving upon hearts and I am moving upon circumstances. I am renewing your vision and I am renewing your spirit. I am renewing your heart and emotions, for I am a limitless God, able to do above all you could ever ask or imagine. I am renewing the desires of your heart and resurrecting visions of old, visions that have died, things that have been put away, abandoned, and forgotten. (1)

Today you will surely be raised to walk with me in new life. The things of yesterday are old and done away, because today is a new day for you. Trust, hope, believe I am with you and helping you and guiding you into the paths I’ve orchestrated for you to travel. Surely I am the God of today. I am the God of the present. I am the God who knows all, reveals all, and governs and guides. Surely I will raise up the righteous, and surely I will resurrect plans, dreams, and visions that have died within you. (2)

Even now there is a challenge burning. There is a challenge in your heart asking, “How can this be?”, and “Who could say such things?”, but trust and know where you have questions, I have answers. There is no challenge or question too big for me. Put your trust in me, in my ways, in my timing, and in my leadership and you will see great things come to pass on your behalf.

I am regenerating, restoring, recollecting, renovating, rehabilitating, renewing, reclaiming, recharging visions, plans, purposes and desires within your heart. The enemy comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy, but I have come to take those things back and to resurrect them in due time and season. (3)

Imbibe the wine of my joy, for I am refreshing you. I am renewing you. I am giving you steps to dance. I am giving you new energy to spend. I am giving you new joy to drink.

So drink and be satisfied, for my plans for you will never be frustrated. They will surely come to pass. Trust, hope, believe knowing in whom you are trusting, hoping, and believing. (4)

(1) Ephesians 3:20, Ezekiel 37:1-14
(2) Romans 6:4, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Colossians 1:16-17
(3) John 10:10
(4) Philippians 1:6

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Today is the day of great salvation. There is much chaos coming in the days and times ahead, but know and trust I am awakening minds, stirring hearts, and shaking foundations and establishments – shaking all that can be shaken. The shaking and stirring is accelerating the days in which you are now living. It is a time of seasoning and a time of cooking. A time of preparation and maturing; it is a time to make things ready. (1)

My heart is calling out to all, that none would perish but all would come together to enjoy the marriage, to partake in the great wedding. Surely all are invited, though few will accept the invitation. I am sending you out with a message that’s near and dear to my heart. (2)

At times your heart will burn with my message. You will feel compelled to go into the streets and sidewalks and move among my people, and inspire them, share with them, and love them. I will burn within your heart and your inner man a message that cannot remain silent. I am putting a message within your mouth. I will speak through you. I will give you the words to say. I will not send you out without purpose to wonder aimlessly, but will guide you. I will bring you to them, and I will bring them to you. You will come together and there will be many divine appointments I have arranged. (3)

And even now, as you hear my still, small voice know I am moving and stirring within you, compelling you to move, compelling you to stand up, compelling you to proclaim the day of salvation to all who have not yet heard, to those who do not yet know. (4)

It is my heart’s desire that none would perish. For I am the good shepherd who would lay down his life for his sheep. And I am the good shepherd who is willing to leave the ninety-nine in order to find and rescue the one lost sheep. I do not consider it adequate to have the only the ninety-nine because my heart burns and longs for the lost, to draw them into the flock and to bring them into the family. It is not a small or trivial thing for me. It is my passion. It is my heart’s desire. (5)

So as your heart begins to burn, and this burn becomes uncomfortable, know it is my spirit burning within you, compelling you to get out to the streets, and the sidewalks, and to the highways, and the media, and the meetings and to share the good news of my kingdom. For today is the day of salvation. I am calling you to join with me in this hour, for the day is at hand. Behold, I am coming quickly and I am bringing my reward with me. (6)

(1) Hebrews 12:27, Psalm 90:12
(2) 2 Peter 3:9, Matthew 22:9-10
(3) Luke 21:15
(4) Romans 10:14-15
(5) John 10:11, Matthew 18:12
(6) 2 Corinthians 6:2, Revelation 22:12

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Today, and in times just before you, I am surely calling you out to a place of fulfillment. It will not look the way you had originally thought when you were a child. It will be surrounded with struggle. You will have to work. You will have to sweat. It will not come easily, but it will come. It will happen. At times it will be scary. At times you will be confused, you will feel alone, you will feel that you’re off the mark, but trust in me despite these things being true, for I will not leave you, nor will I lead you astray. (1)

These struggles and hardships are but brief in comparison to the times of fulfillment I am preparing for you. Your sense of fulfillment is directly connected to your work, in the efforts you apply to develop the endeavors I have placed within your heart. There is a labor assigned to you. There is work required of you to cooperate with me. There is much labor yet ahead, but this is not the labor of a slave. (2)

The labor set before you, even required of you, is the labor of love, the labor of joy, the labor that leads to fulfillment. I have purposed within your heart things that cannot be satisfied from this Earth in a cheap and easy manner. There are greater, eternal desires that only I can truly satisfy, and they will come by means of growth, by means of process, by means of patience applied to develop long term love and long term vision. (3)

As I call you to the labor of my kingdom, know and realize it will look dirty at times. It will look messy and dysfunctional. It will look chaotic and disorganized. You will even ask, “Is this of God?”, or “How can this be right?”, but trust what I am doing will be a new thing, the very thing leading to your ultimate and timely fulfillment.

As you say yes to my call upon your life, and you say yes to my spirit, I will surely guide you into the paths of great adventure, into the paths leading to great fulfillment. It is my desire to satisfy you, my children. I have not placed desires within you only to frustrate you, but rather to fulfill you. Know I am working behind the scenes to open doors of opportunity for you, to fulfill and satisfy you. (4)

(1) 1 Corinthians 13:11, Philippians 3:14, Deuteronomy 31:6, Hebrews 13:5
(2) Romans 8:18, 1 Corinthians 7:22
(3) 2 Corinthians 5:14-15
(4) Psalm 23:3, Psalm 8:3, Psalm 37:4

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My Joy Will Sustain You

Neil Vermillion —  October 5, 2018 —  Comments

In this time and in this season, there are many that will be prone to confusion. I am doing new things, in new ways, and this hour it will not look like it did in hours past. Though things are new and different for this time and season, do not be discouraged – in fact, be joyful and hopeful as you see these new things begin, and continue, to emerge. (1) Continue Reading…

As I am calling you into new levels of maturity and new levels of assignment, trust that while the work will be hard, will be intense, and will even be scary at times, there will be great adventure for you. I am stirring within you the wildness of my heart. I have heard the cries for adventure from within the depths of your heart, and I am answering that cry, for I have made you adventurous. I have made you in such a way as to know the heights of the mountains and to soar those heights with me. Together we will see, feel, and experience all that is possible as you keep close to my side and remain with me. Continue Reading…

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In the days ahead I will be activating a new sense of adventure within you. Many have asked, “How long must I wait?”, and “When will my day come to walk in my destiny?”. Surely I am commissioning you for these are the days of great fulfillment and activation into your higher calling, your higher authority, your higher placement, and your higher responsibility. These are before you now and your preparation has already begun, even before you knew it. (1) Continue Reading…

Today I am making my joy available to you. I am making it available to all who would care to drink from my fountain. I am making my joy available to all who would care to drink until they are satisfied, and who would like to drink until they can drink no more. Drink from me. My yoke is easy, and burden is light. You will not increase in sorrow. (1) Continue Reading…

Surely I am with you in these days ahead of you. I am guiding you, steering you, helping you find where to go next. Even though the path looks dim at times, trust I am with you guiding you step by step along the way. (1) Continue Reading…

Remember All I Have For You

Neil Vermillion —  September 28, 2018 —  Comments

As you continue to take care of business for me, I will continue to take care of business for you. As you follow my words, and the guidance of the inspiration of my spirit, even though it is vague and ambiguous at times, I will certainly continue to provide for you the things I know you have need of. I will not lead you into the middle of the wilderness only to abandon you. I will not guide you to the middle of the desert, only to see you perish. I will not set you up to fail, or lead you to your own demise, but will sustain, protect, and preserve you as you continue to walk the path I have laid before you. Continue Reading…

Allow yourself to ride the wave of my expanse. Understand what I am saying and what I am doing, but do not worry or fear how it will happen. Do not be anxious nor impatient, but cooperate with what I am doing, in the manner I am doing it, at the time I am doing it. You will be amazed and delighted as you ride the wave of my spirit as I advance you forward according to the purpose and destiny of your life. Surely your patience will be rewarded. Surely your obedience will also be rewarded. Surely your discernment, as well as your discretion will also be rewarded. Continue Reading…

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Do not be afraid to embrace the very thing I am giving and saying to you, even if it is nothing. Do not be afraid you will miss my words. Do not be afraid you will miss my plans. Do not be afraid all these things are up to you to perform or complete, but receive what I have for you in the moment, from one day to the next, from one season to the next. Do not be anxious, do not look to your own strength or capacity, but look to me and allow me to be God in your life. Continue Reading…

There is a peace I am offering to you as you share with me in the day to day activities, but also as you share your heart and mind with me through contemplation. As you engage your heart and mind with me in the issues that concern you, and the issues you do not understand, you will find my peace will become more and more evident and more and more frequent in your daily life. So engage with me in the issues that matter most to you. As you do, you will find even when you do not discover the answers you are seeking in the moment, my peace will overwhelm and comfort you, offering you refuge in the midst of a storm. Continue Reading…

I am setting new options before you, even in the midst of what is old and familiar. I am opening new provision to you, and offering new interpretations to old expressions, so what you already know and possess will be renewed and updated, as well as receiving the entirely brand new things I have in store for you. Look to this day and do not be overwhelmed, nor disillusioned, with the repetition or monotony of the environment in which you inhabit. Do not be sad, or bored with what lies before you, but understand I am awakening new things, but also awakening new perspective to old things as well. Continue Reading…

I am pushing you into new directions, not to cause you to be uncomfortable, but to develop new expressions from within you. The newness will be born, not by revelation or understanding of concept, but by experience and encounter. In this time of new directions, do not rely on your understanding, or consult with the memory of previous experiences, but rely on your intuition, your discernment, and your sensitivity to my spirit in this moment, for this present season. Allow me to guide you into new directions, which will give way to new experiences, which will give way to the new expressions I have for you. (1) Continue Reading…

I am making myself known to you in the moments in which you inhabit my peace. I know there are many diversions throughout the day. I know there are also many responsibilities and things that need your attention. But I also know there is time available in which you do not have to relocate yourself physically, but mentally and emotionally. In these moments in which you engage with me and inhabit my peace you will find not only the comfort you need, but also the welcome revelation for this day. (1) Continue Reading…

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In this present season of growth and development, do not look only to outward appearances but understand much of the growth you will experience will be inner growth. Even though your advancement is significant, understand it may not still have an obvious, outward manifestation. Listen to my words, and remember what I have said already, rather than only looking to what your eyes can see, and your hands can touch, to assess your growth or obedience. (1) Continue Reading…