Is It Offensive To Think We Need A Savior? (Happy Resurrection Sunday)

Neil Vermillion —  July 1, 2012 —  Comments

A friend of mine posted a status update on Facebook, and I was so impressed with the way he was able to articulate the essence behind what is a stumbling block to so many people.

Since his communication was so clear, and well-said, I decided to simply capture it, along with the comments it spawned.

Happy Resurrection Sunday by Marcus Kahle McCann

Here said the following:

“I understand that the notion of needing a Savior is offensive… particularly when someone comes right out and says it — you’re not good enough, you need help. I get it. But here’s why I need one: I’m imperfect, more specifically I love imperfectly. I love myself as imperfectly as I love others, and that causes damage that I can’t seem to fix… So Happy Resurrection Sunday!”

Do you agree, or disagree? Do find the notion of needing a Savior offensive? Tell me your opinion in the comments section below.